If your home suffers from overexposure to inclement conditions such as extreme heat, cold or hail, roller shutters may be the answer. With reduction in light of up to 100%, a reduction in noise of up to 50% and a reduction in heating and cooling bills of up to 60%, Roller Shutters are a smart investment that will pay themselves off for those who want to cut their power bills down too.

As a security option Roller Shutters can safely secure high risk windows and entry points by providing a tough physical barrier to intruders and a deterrent to thieves who target exposed properties in your area. Whether you wish to protect your home against the elements, block out noisy traffic or neighbors, cut down on rising power and gas costs or you simply wish to feel safer in your own home, Rhinoline Shutters may be the solution for you.


Extreme climate conditions are common in Africa. Heat and cold can enter and escape through your home windows. Rhinoline Shutters improves the insulation qualities of your home.


One burglary occurs every 9 seconds, Stop burglars in their tracks!!! Burglaries and home invasions are on a high. No longer can you consider your home a safe haven. Now your home can once again be your castle.

Privacy and noise reduction

Both during the day and night you have total control over the amount of privacy you require from within the comfort of your home. Rhinoline Shutters reduces noise levels by up to 50%.

Weather Protection

Protect your home from high wind speeds, hail, floods and thunder storms. Without Shutters, flying debris, fallen trees and branches, could destroy your windows in severe weather conditions.

Fire Protection

Rhinoline’s aluminium roller shutters provide added protection from bush fires by preventing glazing from shattering, and stopping sparks and other flying debris from penetrating the building and igniting internal furnishings.

Energy Savings

Rhinoline Aluminum Roller Shutters are fully insulated. They can stop much of the heat and cold saving you on your heating and cooling energy bills. Saves up to 40% on energy bills.