The Shutters Will Replace Or Be An Addition To All Burglar Bars. Shutters Are Very Strong And This Will Be A New Kind Of Security For Offices, Homes, Garages And Other Businesses.

Shutters Will Be Connected To A Smoke Detecting Device. In The Event Of Fire/Smoke, The Device Will Activate An Alarm And The Shutters Will Open Automatically Regardless Of The Position They Are In To Allow The Smoke To Disappear.

Bullet Proofing On Request And Where It Is Necessary Shutters Will Be Connected Into Infra-Red Electric Fences As Well As To An Alarm System.

When Activated Without Permission The Shutters Will Close Themselves.



The Product Will Change The Way You Look At Security Forever. It Is A Shutter Made Of High Quality Aluminum And, Therefore, A Long Term Guarantee Is Given. The Shutters Are Very Strong, Some Of Which Are Reinforced From The Inside And Injected With Polystyrene. Shutters Battery Back Up, When Charged Can Average About 6 Months, Without Having To Be Charged All The Time. Batteries Can Be Backed Up With The Latest Solar Powered System.

The Operations Of The Shutters Vary. Shutters May Be Opened With A Remote Control To Shut Down The Shutters In The Whole House At Once Or Each Room Individually.

Shopkeepers Or Other Types Of Businesses May Turn The Key Which Will Operate The Shutters To An On Or Off Position.

Shutters Can Be Operated Manually At A Reduced Cost, With A Belt, Cable Or Wind Up Mechanism, Located Inside The House